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Celebrations of Light -- Experiencing Egyptian Mysteries


with the 2025 Initiative 

We grow from the Earth 
And we share Her fruits. 
We fly with bright wings 
And we reach the stars. 
We are Immortal with all that is.
Evoe Isis!*

Journeying in Egypt is like travelling within a country-size Temple, and we invite you to join a subjective tour. The vibrant and welcoming energies enliven each visitor who allows themselves to be carried by the flow of synchronicity. By entering into contact with her ancient mysteries, glimpses of intuition become a continuous strand of sparks of insight and the world reveals itself in its beautiful sacredness. 

Short of all of us going together for a physical trip in Egypt, the “Celebrations of Light” workshop will spread the wings of our imagination - through the feasts and festivals held at different times of the year, we will walk the Temples, encounter the Egyptian Deities and… see what our intuitions are trying to convey to us at this moment. 

In other words, other than contacting the Egyptian Mysteries through imaginative celebrations, the workshop does not have a fixed objective nor point of arrival. The real director is one’s Soul, and the messages received will depend on its decision only. 

*Prayer by Olivia Robertson, Fellowship of Isis

September 23 2022 -- Birthday of Hathor

We start this September, with the observance of the birthday of Hathor, the Goddess of Love, also called the Mistress of the House of Jubilation. We will visit her Temple in Dandarah, right in the heart of the land of Egypt, a superb place from which to start our Journey. 

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