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New Moon Meditation for the Common Good

An experiment in self-organising group work


Capricorn New Moon Meditation:

"Will to Love: 
invoking massed intent to close the door where evil dwells"

The Meditation for the Common Good project continues the rhythm and expands the focus of the previous UN SDG Meditation Project carried through the monthly webinar meditations during the 2016-2020 period. 

This new phase of the project is a practical experiment in self-organising group work, with a focus on meditative alignment of humanity’s needs with archetypical Spiritual Laws and Principles that underlie evolutionary unfoldment of the human race. It is an opportunity for all of us to work together more deeply as we seek to support the manifestation of the Spiritual Plan.

In the Capricorn cycle we are reflecting on a vision of the Divine Plan for manifestation of new leadership in the field of Religion and politics and thus preparing the way for the coming of the Lord Maitreya.   

As we prepare for our meeting in the Circle, consider the following questions for your reflection. When we meet in the Circle, we will reflect and exchange our impressions on these questions:

  • How can the energies of Capricorn, both concretizing and transformative, be directed to effect the spiritual evolution of Humanity, leading out of materialism to a sense of responsibility and on to spiritual awakening?
    What part can religious institutions play in awakening Humanity and invoking the new world order in this time of transition?  


  • What current religious ideas can be used in transition, and what new ideas should define the New World Religion?

  • Is forming and working in groups, as addressed by D.K. in so many of his books, an important step toward utilizing the will to love and invoking massed intent?  Why is this so?

Afterwards we will meditate on seed thoughts synthesized from the group sharing. Through the focused group intention we will radiate the created thought forms to support humanity in its transition to the new civilization. 

Our purpose is to magnetize the ideas of Common Good, Freedom and Brotherhood
as the highest values of humanity at this time. 

We recognize and cherish diversity of perspectives in our group, creating a space capable of invoking, receiving, interpreting and radiating a higher synthetic vision.  

We serve as an Ashramic outpost building a group bridge of Buddhic energy.

We evoke the soul of humanity – we envision humanity as being the seed that is flowering.

We prepare the way for the reappearance of the Coming One. 

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