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Capricorn Solar Festival Gathering

Sagittarius invited us to lift our heads, look forward, envision an ideal and walk towards it, focused and directed. 

Following that path brings us each year to—and up— the mountain of Capricorn. Moving step by step, over, under, through and around all obstacles, we reach the top, and breathe in the Light Supernal.


Without ‘sitting back’, we can sit in the supernal light, empty ourselves of the old, and open to the new, taking a moment to pause, before turning away from the Light Supernal and coming down the mountain to be of service.


In the days leading to the Festival of Capricorn, we reflected on the most resonant qualities of this great sign of Initiation that leads humanity into the valley of Brotherhood in Aquarius and shows the way to the unconditional love of Pisces.

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