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Capricorn Solar Festival webinar

with The Hechal Group from Jerusalem

"The New Jerusalem.

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2000 years ago Jerusalem became a central hub for the inauguration of the Piscean Age and the 6th Ray cycle. Great religions and ideologies have grown there over the centuries, which have shaped the Middle-Eastern and Western civilizations.

Now, at the end of this age and cycle, these thought-forms have crystallized and have become obstacles on the threshold to the new age.

At the same time the New Jerusalem, the archetypal City of Peace, mentioned in the Abrahamic religions and also in esoteric texts, has become a universal symbol of all that Humanity strives for. It is actually a symbol for the human heart.

During this webinar, the Hechal Group, an outpost of Light, Love and spiritual Will in Jerusalem for over 20 years, will present their work towards transmuting old thought-forms and birthing the New, and invite participants to take part in this work via a meditative inquiry.

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