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Capricorn Solar festival webinar

with the Hechal group (Jerusalem) and friends

"A Point of Light in Jerusalem"





The Hechal Group in Jerusalem and their international coworkers will share their work of holding an outpost of Light, Love and Will in Jerusalem.


The Jerusalem outpost exists since 1997 and has passed through many phases. In a more objective phase it has been a School for Meditation for both Jews and Palestinians and a Centre for Universal Spirituality, running programs of Psychosynthesis, Development of Higher Psychism, Wholesome Jewishness, White Magic, The Seven Rays, etc.

While some outer activities are continuing, the emphasis has shifted in recent years to the more subtle work with the emotional and mental patterns in the area and the weaving of light lines between Jerusalem and the planetary network of light, through the cooperation between the local core group and the international dedicated friends.


During the webinar the group will share about their ongoing experiment toward scientific group work based on the Seven Rays, and their redemptive magical work, like for instance the work with ‘the veil of separation’, and inserting new qualities into the collective consciousness.


The webinar will include a meditation in service of the Jerusalem/Al-Quds area and the planet as a whole.

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