Cancer Solar Festival Gathering 

with Michael Robbins and Kathy Newburn

Continuing our reflection on the questions 

What is True Now and What is the Next Step

Cancer: the sign of hearth and home, of our history and our roots. Cancer is the open arms that welcome, protect, nourish and support. Deeply sensitive, introspective and sentimental,  Cancer is mother and mothering, sanctuary, safe harbour and shelter. It is the place of the ashram and of our foundation.

The task in Cancer is to realize the Oneness of all manifest life. Innately attuned to mass consciousness, it builds  forms to uplift and inspire Humanity to Universal Love.  

 As we consider what is true now, we also need to know what obstacles keep the light from shining, personally and globally. What is blocking the light? What is the Next Right Step for us THIS month?

We will have the gift of Michael Robbins, who has Cancer rising, to guide us to a clearer view of What is True Now, and what we might do practically, (for he is ever practical), over the next 30 days (and beyond) to bring more Light to Life .

In preparation for the Gathering, we invite you to reflect upon the theme of the LIghted House. Perhaps you might journal what it means to you at this point. Perhaps you bring a symbol of the “lighted house” to the Gathering as a focus during meditation..