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Cancer Solar Festival webinar

"Building Material Conditions
for the Manifestation of the Plan"

with Daniel Hersheson (Switzerland)

The great lesson which humanity must learn is that it can only attain harmony and peace when it has learned to function in accordance with the laws of the system in which we live and move and have our being. The history of humanity may be told in terms of its frustrated attempts at building enduring civilizations on the basis of human laws and principles not fit for this purpose. Today we can observe how nation states struggle to fulfill the material needs of the world population within a global economic system which has not been designed to achieve economic justice. Our world economic system is based on competition which means that the world's wealth necessarily gravitates to the winners in the system and the laws of inheritance ensure that wealth is accumulated within elite families from generation to generation.

Daniel Hersheson was born in Zurich, Switzerland, grew up in Brighton, England and completed his formal education in London; obtaining a BA honors degree in business studies before going on to become a Chartered Accountant. Daniel has worked for a major, global IT corporation for the past 25 years in various finance leadership roles in various business divisions and covering various geographies. He has travelled extensively and has worked for extended periods of time in Switzerland, France and South Africa. He currently lives in Zurich with his two daughters Ilana (17) and Alyssa (15). Daniel has been a student of the Arcane School since 2011.

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