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Cancer Solar Festival webinar

with Anastasia Smirnova (Russia) 
Parenting in the New Age.

As the result of a century long period of historic turmoil in Russia, the culture of parenting within the country suffered a loss of wholeness and harmony. For this reason, the “New Parents Project” was created to bring together young professionals from various fields to re-establish useful parenting skills based on the Aquarian Spirit of right human values and relationships while also cultivating a sense of practicality, positive self image and self- sufficiency within the children. The “New Parents Project” is based on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as found in such books as those of Alice Bailey and the book “Two Lives” by K. Antarova.

Anastasia Smirnova is a family psychologist, world traveler, and professional massage therapist. She is a co-founder and the president of “New Parents Project”. Among other activities, she conducts educational and meditative programs for teenagers and young people. Anastasia is also a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

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