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Cancer 2015 Solar festival

with Tuija Robbins (Finland)

"The Lighted Triangle within the Darkened Square."


One of the major objectives of our Planetary Logos is to transform the etheric body of our planet Earth from a pattern of squares into a pattern of triangles. Simply stated, the square represents the elemental nature of the personality and the triangle representatives the soul and even the Spirit. Cancer is usually associated with matter and with the square; it is, after all, the fourth sign of the zodiac and the square is fourfold. But Cancer also has higher meanings and is connected with the third and seventh rays—rays of manifestation. The higher triangles must be manifested through the square of matter-substance. Cancer is also connected with a great Spiritual Hierarchy which is presently the highest of all such Hierarchies on the cosmic physical plane. The webinar will discuss the ways of bringing the luminous higher aspects of the human being redemptively into the square of matter, thus transforming humanity and the planet.

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Tuija Robbins

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Tuija Robbins (Ph.D.E.) is an international teacher of the Ageless Wisdom and of Esoteric Ritual and Drama. She is the President and Director of the Northern Light Society and Northern Light Mystery School in Finland; a director and faculty member of the Morya Federation of Esoteric Schools of Meditation; a member of the Board of the Directors of the Seven Ray Institute and the University of the Seven Rays. She is co-founder with her husband, Michael Robbins, of the Serapis College of Music, Drama and the Ceremonial Arts. Tuija has also founded the Blue Rose Sisterhood (an occult order for women) the focus of which is to provide understanding of the ceremonial work for the growth of spiritual light, offer guidance upon the Path for women and as practical activity for helping children. Her spiritual background is in theosophy, but her interest covers all religions and mythologies. With 25 years of experience in the esoteric field, Tuija has carried spiritual inspiration to people of all ages and abilities.

She uses her extensive knowledge and talent in white-magical process, ritual work, choreography, dramatic-coaching and stage direction as she works with workshop participants to help them discover their highest spiritual potential. Her beautiful ceremonies and production have been presented at a number of international gatherings in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and in several countries in Europe. Much of her ceremonial work and teaching takes place in the beautiful ‘Temple of Silence’ -- a true geometrically designed, octagonal temple located in the spiritual center in southern Finland.


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