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Leo 2014 Solar Festival

with Dominic Dibble (UK), Laurence Newey (UK),

Mintze van der Velde (Switzerland).

"Electric Universe, part 2: An Aquarian Science of Water".

An exploration

of the inner spiritual dynamism
of one of Nature’s most fundamental substances.



Dominic Dibble is the co-ordinator of World Goodwill, based in the London office of the Lucis Trust. He has worked at the Trust since 1997. Before that, he spent some time as an Environmental Educator at Stirling University. He is married, and has two daughters.

Laurence Newey is a Director of the Lucis Trust where he has been working for nearly thirty years. He is interested in furthering an understanding of the science of brotherhood and the relationship between consciousness and electric phenomena as promoted on the The Electric Bridge section of the Lucis Trust site .

Mintze van der Velde holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the Free University of Amsterdam. He has always been fascinated by the synthesis of science, art and religion. He spent thirty years as a member of a meditative art centre in France. Since 2012, he works at the Lucis Trust in Geneva.

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