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Aries Solar Festival webinar

"Right Human Relations Through Yagna" 

with Alice Boainain-Schneider and
Rudolf Schneider (Switzerland)

Yagna, often translated as sacrifice, is selfless activity for the welfare of all. The creative intelligences, or devas, do not create for themselves, they expect no remuneration from their creative activity. When the human beings imitate their examples, they also become creative for no reason other than the joy of creation, and they establish right human relations with all creatures.

Alice Boainain-Schneider, first secretary and treasurer of the Institute for Planetary Synthesis (IPS), Geneva, Switzerland, since 1981. In 1976, she came to Geneva to study, and graduated as a translator in 1981. Since then, she shares her life between her work at the IPS, her family and her career as a translator at an international organization in Geneva.

Rudolf Schneider, Secretary-General of the Institute for Planetary Synthesis, Geneva. From 1951 to 1972 he worked as a designer of machine-tools and fine measurement optical, electronical and mechanical instruments in Bavaria, Germany. In 1972 he came to Switzerland to direct the German section of the Arcane School, Triangles and World Goodwill in Geneva (now Lucis Trust Association). In 1981, he co-founded the Institute for Planetary Synthesis. He has been described as a global synthesis consultant because of his ability to reveal underlying principles and laws.

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