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New Moon Meditation for the Common Good

An experiment in self-organising group work


Aquarius New Moon Meditation:

"Invoking Aquarian Waters: purifying the collective emotional plane to make way for a sharing economy"

The Meditation for the Common Good project continues the rhythm and expands the focus of the previous UN SDG Meditation Project carried through the monthly webinar meditations during the 2016-2020 period. 

This new phase of the project is a practical experiment in self-organising group work, with a focus on meditative alignment of humanity’s needs with archetypical Spiritual Laws and Principles that underlie evolutionary unfoldment of the human race. It is an opportunity for all of us to work together more deeply as we seek to support the manifestation of the Spiritual Plan.

In the cycle of Aquarius we reflect on a Vision of the Divine Plan for humanity by clearing the collective emotional (astral) plane to open for the abundant circulation of waters of life in the world economy. In the cycle of Aquarius we are working with the energies of the Fixed Cross with a focus on the Principle of Sharing, thus preparing the way for the coming of the Lord Maitreya.


This month we continue working with a new meeting format to evoke a creative flow of group impressions. Thus we continue our collective journey in unfolding group magic. 

Preparing for our meeting in the Circle, we considered the following questions. When we met in the Circle, we were invited to reflect and exchange our impressions on: 

1. How can we help the cleansing of the collective emotional plane?

2. What worldwide effect would a purified emotional plane have on the economy?

3. How can we strengthen humanity, to create a sharing economy?

Afterwards we meditated on seed thoughts synthesized from the group sharing. Through the focused group intention radiated the created thought forms to support humanity in its transition to the new civilization.   


In preparation for this webinar, the Action Area Group (AAG) and the Subjective Support Group are seeding the group's meditative field reflecting on steps humanity could take to manifest higher qualities of governance that serve the greater good and the spiritual plan. Please check the Community Impressions Board for resources compiled by the AAG.

Please join the group seeding process and share your findings and personal impressions via email -- your contributions will be added to the Community Impressions Board.

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