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Aquarius Solar Festival webinar

"The Principle of Sharing and its Implementation

with Judith Hegedüs (Hungary)

Aided by the energy of the solar festival of Aquarius, we are exploring the concept of sharing and its implementation on the physical plane. We investigate where humanity is on the path towards realizing this principle, and how we could encourage this process. We examine the spiritual foundation for the right distribution of resources; and some practical considerations when planning a life based on sharing as individuals.

Judith is a consultant focusing on working with organizations to increase their effectiveness in the private, public and civil spheres. She spent a decade working in education, focusing on global student mobility and international education, most recently with the College Board as the head of their international team based in New York City. Judith also served as an internal management consultant for the United Nations in 2005–2006. She is a student of the writings of the Ageless Wisdom, and has a keen interest in the role of goodwill in international relations.

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