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2016 Aquarius Solar festival webinar

with Eva Lassen (Denmark)

"Challenges of group work."


The webinar addresses the important topic of group work – a vital concern for spiritually oriented groups around the globe. Eva Lassen from Denmark will share about an experience of the Danish Center for the Inner Dimensions of Life in group work. The webinar is hosted by Wendy Glaubitz-Fugere from Canada. 

Eva Lassen was a member of this group since its inception in 2001. For a period of 14 years, the Center for the Inner Dimensions of Life offered lectures, seminars, schools, and therapy created within the framework of the ageless wisdom. Eva is the author of a biography of the Center that explores many examples of the challenges in esoteric group work. In the book, the author discusses how these challenges relate to the esoteric teachings and how the Danish group faced these challenges through a unified group response to move toward a greater understanding.

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