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Aries 2015 Solar Festival webinar

with Maria Cristina Amaral (Brazil)

"Mind, the Revealer of the Real".

As a preparation for the higher interlude of the spiritual year – the Easter, Wesak and the Goodwill Festivals – we ponder together on some key topics related to the energies of Aries: Resurrection and the role of Light substance in the process of planetary redemption. The audience is invited to reflect on the nature and process of building the planetary antahkarana. The sharing process will be followed by practical meditative work.

About the presenter:

Maria Cristina Amaral, holds a BA and MA degree in Education/Counseling. She has been studying and practicing the ageless wisdom teachings for over 35 years. For the last 25 years, Maria Cristina has been focalizing two groups in Brazil: World Goodwill Service Unit and Triangles Unit. The main purpose of these groups is to promote World Goodwill and Triangles activities as well as to give meditative support to other groups and initiatives regionally and internationally and to the New Group of World Servers as a whole. Throughout the years both groups have explored and practiced scientific methods of occult meditation.


To contact Maria Cristina Amaral email:

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