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Aries 2014 Solar Festival
with Martin Vieweg (USA):
"The Reappearance of Christ as the World Server".

This webinar examines the predictions of the Tibetan (the Master Djwhal Khul) concerning the imminent reappearance of Christ as Head of the New Group of World Servers. With the dawning of the Aquarian era we are told that Christ will once again walk amongst us as World Server, a role for which he prepared 2,000 years ago when He first appeared in Jerusalem. 

Then, as World Savior, under the sign of Pisces, he promised His disciples that someday they would do greater things than He had done—because, as He said, “I go unto the Father.” He was speaking, according to the Tibetan, of His contact with the will energies of Shamballa—the Father’s House—“the center where the will of God is known.” He predicted that in a future time (now upon us) the energies of Shamballa flowing through Him would enhance the spiritual potential of humanity.

The Age of Aquarius into which we now are entering will see a fuller, more direct contact between humanity and the terrific potencies of the will of God. Christ will reappear overshadowed by a Great Silent Avatar of Will and Power. He will come as leader of a worldwide group of dedicated servers (disciples, aspirants, and people of goodwill) who will work with Him (and the Great Ones Who will come with Him) to anchor the will of God, and fulfill the divine Plan on Earth. Together, “we” will open the doorway into a new kingdom—the Kingdom of Souls of which we are all a part. The target date for “deciding” the next phase of this unfolding plan is set for the year 2025.

Martin Vieweg has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings for over forty years and is the co-author of When the Soul Awakens with his wife, Nancy Seifer. In 2008 they co-founded—an online wisdom exchange that attracts visitors from nearly 90 countries. In his early years on the path, Martin pursued a wide range of spiritual teachings and practices—from Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind to Edgar Cayce’s Search for God. In the early 1970s he worked at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach—giving introductory lectures on reincarnation, dream study, and extra-sensory perception. In 1976 he enrolled in the Arcane School—a school for students of the teachings of the Tibetan Master and Alice Bailey that focuses on the path of discipleship—inaugurated by Alice and Foster Bailey. In 1981 he joined the staff of Lucis Trust in New York, where he served for nine years as focalizer for the Triangles and Esoteric Triangles meditation work. He is currently part of an advanced study (of the will and Antahkarana) within the School for Esoteric Studies, in Asheville, NC. He now resides with his wife in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.

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