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This is our opportunity to hear and recognize the unique notes of our various groups in the wholeness of a living inter-group organism we know as the New Group of World Servers.


Through our growing awareness of each other we manifest relations between our groups as energy lines that bring us together into functional subjective unity.

We see this program as a way for our community to honor the last year of the Stage of the Forerunner, bringing to the Hierarchy and Humanity the gifts each of our groups has harvested and will bring to the Altar of 2025.

An altar is a meeting place – a sacred space where the circulation of gifts is encouraged, activated and experienced.


During the period between Aries and Pisces we will gather each New Moon to check-in with many different groups to magnetize our connection, holding and strengthening each other's hands with renewed impulse and weaving further the fabric of the World Group.

March 2024

The Hechal group and

the 2025 Initiative Coordination Group

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