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Leo Solar Festival webinar

"Spiritual Leadership"

with Lorraine Flower (UK)

"…the true leader is the one who has been inspired by some concept, some truth, and can inspire others to follow, not himself,

but the truth or the concept. This is true leadership."

Leadership Training - Lucille Cedercrans

We know we are in the age of groups, a call that resonates with most servers as we seek to work in cooperation with each other in service of the Plan. What we speak of less often is the need for leadership to enable groups to function at full power and in the most potent resonance possible.

In this time of major transition between the 6th and 7th Ray orders and the inevitable turmoil that accompanies it, each and every member of the NGWS is called upon to consider their own leadership readiness. The incoming 7th Ray is where the highest and the lowest meet – extracting Light from Matter and Matter from Light – the magical process of manifestation.

More and more leaders are needed to help manifest the New World order, leaders who are inspired and who are willing to step up and out to bring the focused energies into new forms in all Departments. The NGWS is for sure a potent and magnetic centre and with less than 8 years until the 2025 Conclave each and every one of us is called to work in cooperation – with each other as leaders and with the Hierarchy as groups.

Lorraine Flower is passionate about leadership – as a responsibility, as a privilege and as a birth right of all. As an Organisational and Leadership development consultant and coach she works with leaders and their teams to raise consciousness about the impacts and potential of leadership and group work for contributing to the greater good.

She has been studying the Ageless wisdom teachings for nearly 20 years and continues to be part of various study and meditation groups. Lorraine is an active member of the Community of Living Ethics in Italy, a mentor with Sundial House and is the focaliser of the International Communications Committee for the WSI as well as focalising the Business and Politics Service Group dedicated to anchoring the planetary energies in the fields of business, economics and politics.

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