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Virgo Solar Festival Gathering

The James Webb Telescope continues to expand our view of the cosmos, our greater home. Magically (?) as we entered Virgo, we were gifted with new images of Jupiter. This week, just after the New Moon,  we received stunning images of the Phantom Galaxy, located in Pisces. It is a ‘grand design’ galaxy, with well-defined spiral arms. Is the cosmos speaking to us through these “discoveries” within this Virgo-Pisces polarity? That is for each of us to ponder as we approach the upcoming Festival.

In the days leading to the Festival of Virgo, please reflect on the most resonant qualities of Virgo that show humanity the way to the unconditional love of Pisces. This month we turn our group heart to the most crucial needs of humanity.

Our Group Vision Quest is a collaborative experiment invoking the Vision of the unfolding plan for Humanity. Each of us perceives a part of the wider vision and thereby contributes to the seeding of the Divine Plan. 

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