Virgo Solar Festival Gathering 

Estela Tustanovsky, Giselle Fournier and Marta Paillet, 

representing the "Grupo Litoral" from Argentina

Continuing our reflection on the questions 

What is True Now and What is the Next Step

Finding harmony of the spirit and matter is an ongoing challenge humanity is striving to resolve throughout the entire history. We are learning to overcome the progressing chaos of the world through our own evolution of consciousness. Cultivating right relationships within and among ourselves as well as with all the kingdoms of nature is our current opportunity and survival need. 

Virgo is a sign of discrimination, purification, precision and ‘editing.’ It has an analytical mind and is work- and service-oriented. At the same time, it is an earth sign, deeply connected to the vegetable kingdom and hence to the deva kingdom. In both the northern and southern hemisphere at this time, we can experience myriad greens—from the first vibrant, piercing, bright greens of spring in the south, to the softening, dulling greens of autumn’s retreat.

Virgo is the divine feminine, the Virgin Mother, protecting the Christ Child. This ‘child’, the soul, is gestating within the womb. Virgo can be a time of gestation and quiescence. Indeed, at this time, we are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde (Sept 27), a season of inner working and re-flection.

Finally, Virgo, with its keen attention to detail, when ruled esoterically by Vulcan, can be the artist, the writer, the fabric worker— working meticulously with word, colour, texture and subtlety—forging beauty.