Virgo Solar Festival webinar

with Anastasia Smirnova (Russia)

Sustainability of Life Resources: time and energy

Time, Will, Consciousnesses and how we relate to and use them in our daily life, affects the quality of our Path. The initial joy of the awakened soul consciousness gradually can be fogged, and even be slam shut under the pressure of our daily life responsibilities. Sudden news of world horrors can throw us back into the gloom and doom of darkness. Years and decades of sustained efforts to maintain connection with the soul can become a crystalized routine. All of this is part of a long Journey from the first splashes of the light of awakening to the Mountain Top where a permanent Light is acquired.

Together we invoke the wisdom and love of the energy of Virgo so it could guide us on this Journey. Virgo teaches us to protect and nourish further the Seed of the Soul life awakened in matter.  At this webinar we will share practical techniques to maintain soul consciousness amidst the storms and the burdens of matter.

Anastasia Smirnova is a professional psychologist and a family therapist. She was a co-founder and the president of the “New Parents Project”. Anastasia conducts educational and meditative programs for teenagers and young people.

As a practicing psychologist Anastasia Smirnova, is teaching her clients how to use some of esoteric practices presented in Alice Bailey writings. Through her practice, Anastasia has developed multiple ways of how to communicate the essence of esoteric truth making it practical and clear for people with different backgrounds.