Taurus Solar Festival webinar

Wesak Festival webinars for the 

Global Garden Dedication Ceremony and Water Blessings

As we prepare for the upcoming Wesak Festival -- the highest point of the Spiritual year -- we seek to align with all world servers and with the inner Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet to receive the Life-giving impulse that comes annually at this time with a sacred blessing of the Buddha.

This year we prepare for this sacred event through a collective ritual— planting a Global Garden as the outward manifestation of the Inner Garden of Souls. Please take note of the individual preparation and planting ritual we invite you to participate in prior to our dedication webinar:   

On May 4th we will come together for the group ritual introducing the plants we have chosen for planting in our individual spaces of Love for our Global Garden, thus creating a large subjective chalice that is open to receive the Wesak blessing.

  • We would appreciate you voicing a dedication line during the webinar— a few words you precipitated during your individual planting ritual— thereby contributing the collective dedication of the Global Garden. 

  • Also we ask you to share an image of your plant with us via email that we can share with everyone during the webinar. 

  • If possible, please post an image of your plant to our Facebook’s group Global Garden and/or on your Instagram using the hashtag #ourglobalgarden

  • Please have a candle to light during the dedication ritual. 

On May 7th, the day of the Buddha’s approach to Earth— at the exact time of the full moon at 10:45 GMT— the 2025 Initiative will hold a sacred space of Silence meditating together with all other groups around the world. Join us online at 10:15 GMT using the same webinar link. No matter where and with whom you will be meditating, we all will be standing together as One Group with the living Christ. 

Regardless with whom you will meditate, we suggest you to have a bowl or glass of clear water in front of you to receive and anchor the Buddha’s blessings. This is the 3rd and concluding part the Wesak Ritual. 

Following the exact time meditation we suggest you to use the blessed water for a sacred communion – have a drink yourself then share the water with your plant as well as with other plants in your circle. You might like to include your animals and to invoke the devas and the Mother Earth, thus sharing the sacred impulse and contributing to the divine circulation of the life-giving impulse of Wesak.