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Virgo Solar Festival

with Judy McAllister (UK),
representing Findhorn Foundation:

"Living Earth -- Gaian Citizenship"


More than 50 years after its founding the Findhorn Foundation and Community in northeast Scotland continues to explore the creation of a culture that honors the living earth we inhabit.  In the context of spiritual community, educational center, and eco-village, Findhorn is a dynamic living laboratory.  Exploring the sacred, and its place in daily life, remains a driving force within the community.  The three founding principles a) that we can each have a direct and personal relationship with the Divine, b) that there is an intelligence within nature with which we can co-create, and c) being of service in the world, continue to be at the heart of the Foundation. The convergence of these three principles creates attitudes and values that see the earth as a living presence - one deserving of respect, gratitude, honor, and care.

Judy McAllister, has lived in the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland since 1978 and has known and worked with all three of the community's founders.  Since 1999  she has been working closely with the one remaining founder - Dorothy Maclean.  Over the years she occupied a number of positions, including being the first female focaliser (Findhorn-speak for Managing Director), a position held for 5 years.  She was also a Trustee of the Foundation for nearly 10 years.  Currently Judy works part time in the Spiritual and Personal Development Department (the Foundations' personnel/human resources/in-house training team), and independently as a coach/trainer.  Deeply involved with a tool called the Game of Transformation, she travels to places as disparate as Thailand and Brazil training new facilitators and doing game work herself. 


Raised in a Christian home, her spiritual path has been dedicated to no particular discipline or tradition.  She has pursued a personal path of seeking to understand, and to align with, the force that infuses all life, its essence being that of Love. Her passion is the transformation of human consciousness, and the evolution of humanity's relationship with the subtle worlds, particularly with the intelligence of nature.


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