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Sagittarius Solar Festival Gathering

The next step in the ongoing journey of Soul/Personality Integration, after waging battle with the Personality in Scorpio, is to launch a new vision for our life in Sagittarius. We lift our heads and look ahead. The challenge is to vision clearly, to keep the vision in front of us and to walk the Path following the vision, without distractions, detours, and indecision. 

We ask ourselves, are we riding the horse or is the horse riding us? (thank you Lawson Bracewell!) Are we jumping on a horse and taking off in all directions or do we have a clear view of the goal ahead (thank you, Michael Robbins!)

Sagittarius’ one-pointedness, though, can be fanatical or lovingly directed. 

To this we put our attention. 

As we do our own personality/soul work, detaching from  fixed, contractive, limiting views to become more childlike— fluid, flexible and curious—we are also working telepathically on the larger group, sending vibrations into this morphogenic field to assist and affect the living quality of the group.

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