Sagittarius Solar Festival Gathering 

Lisa Love (US) and Anastasia Smirnova (Russia) 

Continuing our reflection on the questions 

What is True Now and What is the Next Step

Sagittarius is a time of magic when we can focus group intuition on the higher ideals for humanity and set our sights and our focus on near and distant futures.

Sagittarius asks us to reach beyond the noise, to see the higher ideals and aspirations that are seeking to be manifest. Sagittarius inspires us to expand our capacities to understand those from different backgrounds and worldviews.

Our conversation this month is about just that.

The goal we seek during this Sagittarian Festival is to invoke the ideals of the New Aquarius Civilization. Our focus will be to help precipitate ideas of cooperation and freedom into the minds of world leaders and decision makers so they may be able to leave behind crystalized thoughtforms of the old age. 

The Herculean task in Sagittarius is to silence the Symphalian Birds. Hercules used loud cymbals to achieve this; we humans are called to sound the High Note of Vision.


Lisa Love is a psychologist with a background in the Ageless Wisdom teachings for over 40 years. At one time she ran the 3rd largest spirituality website on the Internet known as Soul to Spirit featuring spiritual practices, leaders and traditions of all faiths. Since 2016 she has dedicated herself to the emergence of the new Spiritual Psychology. With a strong background, training, certificates and degrees in Psychosynthesis, Transpersonal Psychology, Integral Psychology and traditional psychology, she has been attempting to bridge these psychological practices back to the still very pioneering work of Alice Bailey's Tibetan revealing how many of the psychological theories we see today, actually have roots in his teachings. Finally, Lisa is an astrologer having practiced traditional astrology since she was 12 and esoteric astrology since she was 26. She brings her love of esoteric traditions, astrology and psychology to this meeting tonight.

Anastasia Smirnova is a professional psychologist and a family therapist. She was a co-founder and the president of the “New Parents Project”. Anastasia conducts educational and meditative programs for teenagers and young people. As a practicing psychologist Anastasia Smirnova, is teaching her clients how to use some of esoteric practices presented in Alice Bailey writings. Through her practice, Anastasia has developed multiple ways of how to communicate the essence of esoteric truth making it practical and clear for people with different backgrounds.