Libra Solar Festival webinar

with Michael Lindfield

"Choosing to Live the New Story"

The new story lives inside the spiritual DNA of the Soul of Humanity as the Divine Plan. At present most of the world is captured inside the gravitational pull of an old narrative that no longer serves. We are witnessing a time of great awakening, liberation and renewal - preceded by the chaos of an old order in upheaval and dissolution. This time together will be an opportunity to go deep and explore what it means to craft a new script and be fully committed and engaged inside a multi-dimensional planetary project to build and bless a New Earth.

Michael Lindfield works with individuals and groups around the world to unleash the creative power of the human spirit in meeting the needs of our times and the call of a brighter future.

Michael’s background includes a 14-year residency at the Findhorn Community in Scotland; small-scale organic farming in western Sweden; presenting on themes of ‘transforming self and society’ and ‘communication and cooperation with the Subtle Realms’ plus working as a senior organization development consultant with The Boeing Company from 1989-2005.

Michael co-founded The Science of Group Work initiative and currently serves as Board President of Meditation Groups Inc. (MGI) which is responsible for the welfare of Meditation Mount in Ojai, California. He is also a member and part-time resident of the Community of Living Ethics in Umbria, Italy.