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On September 22nd at 18:00 -- 19:30 GMT/UTC 

(2pm in New York, 19:00 in London, 20:00 in Geneva)

join the Equinox webinar for 

a Planetary Healing meditation

with Mads Bronsted (Denmark).

In order to participate please register here.

Mads Bronsted, together with a meditation group in Denmark, has for many years practiced a type of global meditation in which the Angels of nations are invoked to aid the positive movement toward the Light both within and between nations.

In this webinar, Mads will share how this meditation is practiced. Through the process of group alignment, participants on the webinar will work together to create a focused field of group consciousness to invoke these national angels, the intent being to assist the healing of nations in crisis and the furtherance of planetary unity.

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