Gemini Festival Open Forum

for meditation and exchange on 

Maintaining Soul-centered Living amid the current crisis of awakening 

This Forum is an experiment in creating a space where we can share practical methods and tools to support soul-centered living and sustain our Global Garden of Souls. 

We are living in the midst of an unprecedented crisis for humanity. In this phase, it's crucial for us to tend daily to the Garden of the Soul. The period after the seeds’ germination in our Life Garden is an important period of adjustment requiring patience, focus and the daily discipline of tending to these new seedlings in order to help them survive and thrive— a delicate time in a harsh environment. 

It is crucial we pay attention to the soil of our Global Garden, attending to the questions and dilemmas that will inevitably arise, all the while maintaining our focus on the Soul so that a steady and reliable channel of Light is established. This will fortify us and radiate through us to others.

The world crisis challenges us to adopt new sustainable patterns of engagement with corresponding expressions of action through which our Souls can express and flourish. And so the new civilization will come into being.