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Aquarius 2014 Solar Festival
with Mads Bronsted (Denmark):
"Identifying with our inner resources".

“The Aquarian age is bringing many new energies and changes but one that many of us can probably agree on is the innate push towards exploring new ways of doing things, new kinds of relationships etc. This tendency can also be noted in the way we relate to our self. Many of us feel a pressure from our surroundings to change and perform all the time. That is perhaps a more superfcial sign of the Aquarian push. However we can choose to utilize this inner push to our advantage. We can use it to actively seek out our own inner resources and learn to identify with them. Where as in the Piscean age it was very easy for us to identify with our shortcomings and our past mistakes due to the energetic climate.This presentation will be focused upon a meditation exercise. The purpose of which is to create a place where we can explore our resources, the second part of the exercise can help us to identify with some of these resources. It is an exercise that we often use in our practise at Essens which seems to be helpful.”

Mads Bronsted (born 1972) has been working as a self employed therapist for the past nine Years together with his wife, Charlotte. Until recently they called their Company Soul Therapy and has been educating Soul Therapists in Denmark and abroad. Very recently they changed the name to Essens (Essence) in an attempt to gain a broader outreach.Mads has been meditating and has been active in the esoteric communities for the past 20 Years mainly through Center for Life's Inner Dimensions in Copenhagen, Denmark.He was raised by two spiritually active parents and he is a master of Psychology and Philosophy from Roskilde University.

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