Creative Labs



with the Hechal Group from Jerusalem

and the Klangschale Group from Germany

The 2025 Initiative invites you to join in a new series of exchanges in which story-telling is the current— and currency— of hope, discovery and connection. What is our ‘best hope’ when it comes to speaking clearly and truthfully about the things we are moved or unsettled by? What new songs might come into being through a shared process of dialogue and listening?

Please note that the sharing part was cut to protect delicacy and intimacy of the lab. 

If you wish to contribute to this work, please send an email to

This Creative Lab responds to the urgent need to wake up the spirit of our nations to fulfill their planetary function. The idea is to form small national group units, and to establish a forum in which we can support and learn from each other. 

We envision a creative and explorative approach to it, where our own experience stands at the centre. Based on the teachings of the Master DK and Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis of a Nation, we will relate to a nation as a living entity, with a personality and a soul, just like an individual human being. 

The aim is to learn together to become effective group units which can act as what Assagioli calls ‘Groups of Best Citizens’.  Such groups develop an inclusive awareness of what is going on in their nation. Through an increasingly fine-tuned group meditation, they become like a lens through which the national soul can express itself and shine light on national issues and next steps.  It is a sustained, penetrating, intuitive work, with much inner listening and sharing of impressions in a safe and sacred group space. A spiritual group laboratory, in which a higher order is wrought out and made available to the national consciousness.

We would like to invite coworkers who resonate with this call and groups already working along similar lines, to explore together the seeding and connecting of national small group experiments, in mutual support. This is a complementary approach to the one of the Esoteric United Nations, which Tuija and Michael Robbins are focalising. While EUN is like an umbrella, spanning the comprehensive planetary picture, in the Creative Lab we will focus on seeding small national group units, inviting groups to take responsibility in anchoring the energy of the soul of their nation. 

In this first webinar we will share some developing ideas, meditate together and have space for getting to know each other.

We are a group of ‘Jews and Germans’, consisting of coworkers from the Hechal Group from Jerusalem and the Klangschale Group from Germany. We work for many years with various tools for spiritual group service, most centrally the practice of spiritual friendship and the model based on the seven rays in group formation, called Star Work.