Libra Solar Festival webinar

Duane Carpenter and Rose Bates

"The Rainbow Bridge and the Path to Liberation"

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The building of bridges out of energy and force is by far one of the most interesting facets of the spiritual path. The Rainbow Bridge or Antahkarana is constructed out of all color variations and each person will find their personality and soul rays found along one or other of these multi-colored rays. The Earth or Gaia as we will explore is also connected to the entire solar system and all of the other planets by these multi-colored bridges of energy and force.

The purpose of this presentation is to awaken the higher mind and the intuition and not necessarily to impart technical information. The lower mind is important however as a necessary interpreting and grounding agent for higher and more spiritual forces. To do this work we will use a number of images, symbols and animations.

Duane Carpenter is a lifelong student of the Esoteric Wisdom, he has studied traditions as diverse as Hypnosis with Maurice Kershaw in Montreal, Canada, receiving an advanced degree, to yoga with Vishnu Devananda in the mountains of Wal Morin in eastern Canada, to the Self Realization Fellowship in California, being a Kriya yogi for some 40 years.

He was President of the Boston Theosophical society for two years from 1990-1991. He also developed a two year Telepathy Program for the University of the Seven Rays (USR) and coordinated with Glenda Christian their New World Religion program. Duane works with the Morya Federation and has an extensive website devoted to esoteric teachings and the use of color and sound.


Rose Bates from an early age was attracted to the Ageless Wisdom in the form of Ritual and Study. She started this journey as a child in the Rosicrucian Order being privileged to have an active role in mystical ritual. During the crisis of adolescence she deeply immersed herself in the works of Alice Bailey and Theosophy which brought about a wider world view with meaning and purpose to life. Rose is interested in seeing the active expression of the soul life manifest in groups and individuals, with its power for transformation. She is interested in the development of rituals and esoteric communities that express the heart-centered Aquarian model.