Capricorn Solar Festival webinar

with David Spangler (USA)

Externalization of the Hierarchy of responsibilities -- learning to function AS IF

The term, "Hierarchy of Responsibility" is a good wording as it suggests that the unfoldment of Light in our world is our responsibility--and thus within our ability--and not simply a process external to ourselves, something conducted for us by those whom we may consider greater than ourselves. What is externalizing is our capacity to respond to the challenges of the world with love and alignment to the Divinity within all things.  This capacity can take many forms; in my talk, I will suggest two of them, Sovereignty and Partnership, that can provide a foundation for whatever spiritual work may be asked of us.

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DAVID SPANGLER is a spiritual explorer, teacher, writer, husband, and father. While studying at Arizona State University to become a molecular biologist, a childhood contact with subtle worlds blossomed into a collaborative relationship with inner beings which resulted in his leaving the university in 1965 at the age of 20. He began the career as a teacher and explorer of subtle and spiritual realm that he still pursues today, over fifty years later. He was a co-director of the Findhorn Foundation community in Northern Scotland from 1970 to 1973, a Lindisfarne Fellow, and, in 1974, he became a founder of the Lorian Association. His work with both his nonphysical colleagues and his Lorian associates has led to the development of Incarnational Spirituality. He is the author of over 30 books, including Journey Into Fire; Apprenticed to Spirit; and Working with Subtle Energies, as well as three anthologies of short stories. He writes a free monthly email essay called “David’s Desk”. He also writes a quarterly esoteric journal of his work and explorations with the subtle worlds titled Views from the Borderland. Information about his journal, David’s Desk, online courses, books, and workshops can be found at He is happily married to his wife, Julia, and together they have four adult children.