Capricorn Solar Festival webinar

with Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg

Working in Cooperation with the Hierarchy

at this Time of Externalization

For the past four years, a group of disciples from around the world has been involved in an experiment brought to life and sustained by members of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  It has consisted of two parts, which in time have overlapped:  (1) developing relationships as souls on the Path of Discipleship by learning to embody the principles of this path; and (2) carrying out a specific task to advance the unfolding Plan in cooperation with an Ashramic group. 

Over time, the intention of the Ashram became clear:  to create a discipleship group that could become a living link between the approaching Hierarchy and awakening humanity.  By sharing some of what we’ve learned through this group experiment, we hope to inspire a greater sense of possibility regarding co-creation with the Hierarchy.  As we know, it is the fusing and blending of energies of the 4th and 5th kingdoms that will give rise to ‘the new heaven and earth’ of the Aquarian Age.

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Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg became students of the Ageless Wisdom many decades ago.  Co-authors of When the Soul Awakens:  The Path to Spiritual Evolution and a New World Era, they were among the founders of the Living Discipleship Initiative.  In recent years, they have taken part in an experiment in Group Discipleship.