Capricorn Solar Festival two webinars

for the Festival Week follow-up reflection in the Circle

January 11
January 12

Festival Week of Group Impact experience created an instantaneous shift in the World Group. The resulted change will be unfolding in the coming months and years. Each group precipitated their own segment of the mosaic and the vision of the Plan. The 2025 Initiative is calling the community of esoteric groups to come in the Circle to share impressions and reflect together on the next goals.


Claire Beynon (New Zealand), Stefano Bonadiman (Italy), Martin Dieser (Argentina/ Chille), Uta Gabbay (Germany/ Israel), Rebecca Hood (Australia), Aleksandr Ilchuk (Ukraine/USA), Katia Kaufman (Russia/ USA), Dot Maver (USA), Elizabetta Raspini (Italy), Michael Robbins (Finland/ USA), Tuija Robbins (Finland), Tara Stuart (USA).