Aquarius Solar Festival webinar

with Vladimir Vasilyev (Russia)

From Inspiration to Manifestation: Community Spaces of Love.

Experience of Anastasia communities in Russia.

Many novel, beautiful ideas are being evoked by the swelling Aquarian energies, inspiring millions of people around the world to look for new ways to establish a balance with nature, communities and within themselves. The idea of Spaces of Love is one these -- if manifested, these spaces can transform the lives of individuals, groups and the collective. 

We invite our community to use the opportunity of the Aquarius Solar Festival to reflect on the path that leads from inspiration to the manifestation of ideas. Together we will learn about creating our own Spaces of Love.

Books by Vladimir Megre published in the 90s and 00’s in Russia introduced a mysterious woman, named Anastasia, who lives in the woods in the heart of Siberia. This story of Anastasia and her transformational ideas of living in harmony with nature creating Spaces of Love have inspired many people in Russia and other countries (read more here). As a result, thousands decided to transform their lives by moving from cities to the countryside to establish so-called Ancestral dwellings – self-sustainable settlements away from modern civilization. 

Vladimir Vasilyev is a businessman from Russia working in the woodworking industry. Through his work he has traveled all across Russia and former Soviet countries. For decades he studied and followed various spiritual teachings, including the Ageless Wisdom traditions. Soon after reading the first books about Anastasia he became inspired to establish his own Ancestral dwelling. Via a long exploration of various communities that sprouted in Russia in the early 2000s he chose a community in Ageyevka in the Orel region of Russia. He and his wife started creating their own Space of Love in this place. For years Vladimir has been actively developing his own space as well as supporting other ancestral homesteads in Ageyevka community. Three of Vladimir's children were home born there.  Currently his family lives in Cyprus.